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All Hands On Deck

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All Creative, Advertising & Management capabilities in action

The first 30 days are a mandatory Strategy & Development Installation phase where we produce a Style Guide, Advertising Roadmap, and Campaign Calendar.

team dynamic

We’re on your team and we’re committed to growing together. In this package, we only grow if you grow - wouldn’t you want that mentality from your staff anyway? Call or email us during standard business hours, have monthly team meetings with us, and ask us all the questions you need to ask!

competitors to this package

Full time route: Hire one of the following: Marketing Director, Creative Director, or Social Media Director —> Director creates a strategy and plan to execute —> Director hires contracted or other full time talent for the following roles: Videographer, Photographer, Graphic Design, Social Media Manager, Social Media Coordinator

Internal delegation route: Founders/Chief Execs try to do it themselves and find it’s not as easy as it seems. They then assign the youngest person in the company to take a swing in their spare time. When this fails, they hire college interns assuming they “just know this stuff,” but soon realize their assumption was wrong.


Social Media Commercials

services provided

Creative & Advertising

We’ll produce customized creative content to plug into cerebrally targeted advertising campaigns that generate specific results. Want more app downloads? Want to boost e-commerce sales? Want to recruit new talent? This is the solution!

team dynamic

This is a project-based engagement with predetermined deliverables, deadlines, and review periods.

competitors to this package

Other forms of advertising: print, signage, direct mail, TV, radio

Other marketing firms that delete the content if/when you fire them

The (dreaded) DIY solution that leads to you posting a grainy iPhone video and pressing the Boost Post button on Facebook